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10 ways to easily boost curb appeal (and boost your whole life)

First impressions are everything. But not just on others, on ourselves as well. Every time we come home and get that first glimpse of our home’s exterior, we experience an emotion. Whether that emotion is calm and joy, or anxiety and overwhelm will play a role in how the rest of our day (and life) goes. So this weekend, why not invest some time in boosting your curb appeal so that it emanates an aura of pride, abundance, liveliness, peace, or whatever you want your life to feel like. The front door and front exterior of your house sets the intention for the rest of your home, and your home sets the intention for your whole life. It all starts here.

10 ways to easily boost curb appeal (and amp up your whole life)

So here are 10 ways you can simplify and positively boost your curb appeal for you and every person and opportunity that comes your way.

1. Paint your front door. 

A nice front door really makes a huge difference to the whole look and feel of your home. But it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, just in good shape, easily visible from the curb, and welcoming. It should also be a colour or material (ie. wood) that gives you a good gut feeling. It’s quite personal.  Laura Benko, a holistic lifestyle expert, recommends keeping the colour guide below in mind as a guide, but also “tap into your own mind, body, spirit needs and goals as well as your own visceral reaction to each color.”

  • RED — Acts as a stimulator.
  • ORANGE — Uplifting color that promotes happiness.
  • YELLOW/GOLD — Symbolizes power, stimulates health, patience and wisdom.
  • GREEN — Represents growth and new beginnings, as well as healing and freshness.
  • BLUES-GREENS — Represent youth, new beginnings and inspire confidence.
  • DEEPER BLUES — Infuse wisdom and introspection. However, in ancient Chinese culture, this shade is a secondary mourning color.
  • PURPLE — Inspires spirituality, adventure and prosperity.
  • BLACK — Contemplative color that encourages reflection and mystery.
  • WHITE — Cultivates clarity, precision and communication.
  • GREY — Invites helpfulness and represents a harmonious union of black and white.
  • BROWN — Offers stability and security.
  • PINK — Represents love, romance and partnership.

2. Install new front door light fixtures (or just clean them up).

Consider forgoing a tiny sconce beside the door with an overhead hanging pendant if you have a roof overhead. Or add updated or vintage sconces (there’s a good selection here) on both sides of the door for more impact. Or simply clean and touch up your existing sconces with paint for a quick refresh.

3. Add shutters to front windows.

They don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Use some cheap boards or even reclaimed scrap wood and put them together in the classic board and batten style – easy directions here.

4. Add window boxes. 

Add a little greenery to soften a boxy facade with a window box overflowing with trailing plants. Do a little hunting for something you can reuse instead of buying a plastic window box. Construct your own with leftover lumber and line it with plastic. Or find a vintage long narrow tin vessel. A basket could even work! Get creative.

5. Clean up your hardscaping.

A winding pathway to the front door feels soft on the eyes and gives a sense of going with the flow, putting both you and visitors at ease. Put in a little elbow grease to construct a stone or rock pathway. Or simply refresh an existing one by replacing any broken or unsightly stones or blocks, and clear it of all toys, bikes, tools, or anything else that might be intruding on it and block the path. And while you’re at it, add permanent planters by the door or steps – concrete, stone or iron that will withstand freezing over the winter. These will soften the harsh lines of steps and the door, and you can add plants, shrubs, branches or boughs all year long that will attract the eye and add interest.

6. Trim bushes and weed the front garden. 

Spend a little time trimming and weeding if your front yard is beginning to feel like a jungle. A well-manicured front exterior feels orderly and welcoming. Choose low maintenance bushes, ornamental grasses and plants that provide lush greenery.

7. Add a door knocker. 

Shiny and elegant hardware can make even the plainest door look beautiful and intriguing.

8. Get creative with your house numbers.

Update your numbers to match the style of your home and do a little DIY project to make them stand out. There are so many good examples to give you inspiration, like these ones.

9. Replace the door mat.

If yours is tattered, dirty or worn, replacing it will instantly perk up the entrance and your mood when you enter the house.

10. Add a bench or chair.

Adding a very simple bench or chair to the front steps, porch or lawn close to your walkway or meandering path gives you a little nudge to stop, sit and enjoy your surroundings. It not only adds to the curb appeal but also to a calm and present state of mind.

Yes, you may be in for a weekend of work, but it’s time (yet very little, if any, money) well spent to amp up your curb appeal and bring simplicity and happiness front and centre to your home and life. Make sure to complete these tasks and not let them linger half finished – you don’t want to have that feeling of distraction and anguish every time you arrive home and see the work that’s still hanging over your head. Focus on this one area, and see the difference it will make in your whole life.