Women in Business: Becky McKinney, Independent Health and Fitness Coach

iHomeRegistry is so proud to feature Becky McKinney as part of our Women in Business series this week.

Becky is a 27-year-old full time Beachbody Coach. She grew up in a small town in New York working for her father in his bakery and restaurant. She always knew she had a passion for the food and hospitably industries but wanted to try something different after graduating from the University of Delaware in 2012. Becky began a career in marketing but was missing the constant face-to-face interaction that the restaurant world allowed her. She found the Beachbody opportunity through an old friend on social media and started as a customer. It wasn’t long before she realized that she could combine her skills in marketing and her love of food into one career: Coaching.

As a coach, Becky helps men and women from all over the country find home fitness programs suited towards their goals and lifestyle, but she also works directly with them to formulate a meal plan that combines indulgence with “fit friendly” to help them reach their goals without sacrificing the things they love. 

Read more in our Q&A with her below!

Beachbody coach
Becky McKinney

1. How do you juggle your work and home life?

My fiance and I both work from home full time so this can actually be really challenging at times since it’s hard to “turn off” work mode without physically leaving an office. Our work and home life is so intertwined. Because of this, it’s really important for me to set up boundaries and work hours and really stick to them. I have a specific work space set up at home and try to keep all things business in that one area. Once my work day is complete based on the hours I have set, I shut down my computer, turn off my cell phone notifications, and I’m officially in “home” mode.
2. What’s your favorite part of your job/position? 
I absolutely LOVE connecting with women from all over the country and learning about their lives and their goals. The amazing thing about Beachbody coaching is that you are helping people make healthy, positive life changes and the transformations are much more than just weight loss. To play even a small role in helping people live happier and healthier is a feeling I cannot even put into words. You build strong, genuine relationships and work together to reach milestones. For some people, that may be 5-10 pounds and building a more positive mindset, for others it could mean losing 100 pounds and improving their health so they can live longer to care for and be there for their family. Some of my closest friends are people that I have met through this job.
3. Who did you look up to as a young woman and why?
This may be a cliche answer but, I’ve always looked up to both of my parents. My father built a very successful restaurant and bakery from the ground up and my mother worked her way from secretary to a VP position in corporate America before joining my dad in his restaurant venture (thought it’s always been a team effort). I was raised by entrepreneurial spirits and surrounded by hard work yet never felt like family was on the back burner at any point. We’ve always been close and they’ve always shown me what is most important. My goal is to provide for my future family the way that they provided for me.
4. Have you ever experienced sexism in your industry and if so how did you handle it?
It’s interesting because a lot of people think that the home fitness industry is more geared towards women when in reality, it has the same benefits for men. I think a lot of people just assume that workout videos are for women and gyms with heavy weights are for men. I have no idea why that is the thought process but I see it all the time. I hear a lot from men, “I’m not interested in Beachbody – that’s for women.” The best way, in my opinion, to handle that is to just ask why they feel that way and go from there. The best thing I can do is find out what their personal fitness goal is, and offer them a solution and a way to achieve it.
5. What words of advice would you say to a younger version of yourself?
I would tell myself that it’s okay to have a different vision for my life than the one that others may have. Network marketing, while gaining popularity and momentum, is still a really different career path than most think they should take. It’s a hard industry to succeed in because it takes a long time to see the kind of income and success (however you define success) that most people want. I was so scared to tell people what I was doing and why and if I had pushed that fear aside, I would have found the happiness and joy in what I am doing now a lot sooner.
6. How did you get to where you are today?
Multiple jobs at once (at one point I was working two full-time jobs and two part-time jobs), a lot of sacrifice, and a ton of hard work and rejection. Coaching is an amazing job and it’s so fulfilling but it is anything but EASY. It’s not a get rich quick scheme or a short term commitment. I knew that I loved working with people and helping them achieve goals that could change their lives forever so I was willing to make the sacrifices and put in the extra hours. I’m so glad that I did too.
7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself as a self-employed mother doing exactly what I’m doing now with coaching but on a larger scale. Helping more people change their life in multiple ways. As a Beachbody Coach, I have the answer to fitness & nutrition struggles in one hand and the answer to financial growth in the other. I see myself coaching more people toward their health goals and mentoring more women on building their home business.

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