Getting Ready for a Fall Dinner Party with a Seasonal Tablescape

As school starts for the year, and summer is in its final weeks, you may be like many people and are turning your attention to the fall. As your focus shifts to the autumn, you may also be thinking about entertaining guests in your home, including hosing seasonal dinner parties.


As you ponder dinner parties for the autumn, you may be interested in coming up with some vibrant, attractive tablescapes. These are some fall tablescape tips that you should bear in mind as you prepare to entertain guests in your home in the autumn.


Keep It Natural


When you tablescape for a lovely fall dinner party, consider keeping it natural. Feature seasonal like leaves, tiny gourds, mini Indian corn, and other natural fall flourishes to form a table runner across the expanse of your table. When it comes to leaves, consider something more substantial that will last longer, like magnolia leaves, if you can get your hands on them.


Metals Work


Consider brightening your fall tablescape by adding metallic. Keep in mind that long gone are the days when you etiquette called for the matching of metals. No longer to you have to keep gold with gold, silver with silver, copper with copper, and so forth, when you tablescape. Rather, you can strike out and mix metals on your fall tablescape, provided you pay attention to balance proportions of them. You want your metals to balance in a manner that they harmonize one another.


Burgundy, Brass, and Fall Fruit

holiday-table-1926946_1920Another theme you might want to consider for your fall tablescape involves brining together burgundy, brass, and seasonal fruit. The coloration, with the addition of brass and fall fruits on display, result in a truly rich, and even romantic, seasonable tablescape.


Coordinate with Your Plates


If you are pressed for time, but want to have a nicely planned tablescape, the easiest course you can take is to pull out your designated plates and match the color with simple additions you can quickly put your hands on, even things you can pull from shelves at the market when you are otherwise shopping for your guests’ meal. For example, if you intend to use plates that include a dash of purple on white, nab some fresh eggplant at the market. Placing a richly hued eggplant on each purple trimmed plate is virtually an instant tablescape.


Keep It Relaxed


Of course, there is a time and place for a formal dinner. However, a weekend evening when you invite friends over for a lovely meal is likely not the time or the place. Therefore, no matter what you elect to do when it comes to a fall tablescape is to make sure it feels relaxing. Taking a more casual approach to the look and feel of your tablescape will work to free up your creativity and make you feel comfortable to experiment.


Experiment with Different Rooms


When you contemplate tablescapping, when you ponder a dinner party for friends and families, keep in mind that you are not confined to hosting such a function in the dining room or kitchen. Consider some other spaces in your residence that might add an interesting flavor to dining. For example, if you have an entertainment center in your home, a movie or game room, consider planning the meal in that space. You can even set up card tables and smartly tablescape them based around a theme. You will create a memorable experience for your dinner guests. As an aside, you can even go a bit campy and build the tablescape around a film that you intend to show to your guests as part of the evening’s entertainment.


Add a Vintage Touch


Is there a period in history that you love? For example, do you find the 1920s compelling and have a thing for the art deco style? If you have some sort of fondness for a particular epoch, consider building your tablescape around a vintage theme of some sort. You can plan a themed meal around a particular time period that will be well received by your guests.


Avoid the Traditional


Don’t feels as if you are locked in but what you’ve seen other people do when it comes to a tablescape. You absolutely can break away from the traditional. For example, think about replacing traditional items used as centerpieces with things that you’ve never seen done before. Something as easy to fashion as a colorful rock pile in the center of your dinner table is original, lovely, and sure conversation starter and memory maker.



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