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At iHomeRegistry, we are committed to creating YOUR perfect space! Since our launch in June, we’ve been contacted numerous times for design services, SO we have launched our own design services at different price points, just for you!


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Here are a few testimonials from our clients and users!

3D Design Client – Felicia Black:

It was such a pleasure working with Ariana and Patrick. They are both very professional and very personable. I would recommend their service to anyone. There 3D program is helping me a lot to visualize different things I want in my home as well as giving me new ideas for changes. The program is very easy to use once you take the time to explore the many options.

2D Plan View
2D Plan View

Brittany Hayes, Addison’s Wonderland Blog – Read the full blog post here.

I always used to think, if only there was a way to advertise my work and my portfolio and my services aside from the days of yellow pages ads or aside from today’s “full time job” of promoting yourself on social media. And then on the flip side, a place to share with my readers where they can go and view designer’s work and find someone to create their dream home! Sure, you can thumb through Pinterest or Instagram and find your dream home but could you actually find a designer willing to create for YOU in your dream decor style and in your area (or willing to work virtually)? Well, now you can!


Kristen Rockwood, Studio 7 Interiors – Read the full blog post here.

It is my new FAVORITE design site!
I completely got lost in in the other day as I was making my master bathroom plans come to life and almost forgot date night! Seriously, though, it is such a brilliant concept where you can conceptually design your own spaces TO SCALE!
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Studio 7 Interiors

Interior Designer – Cynthia Ryan of Circa Studio 8 Interiors:

The iHomeRegistry site for me as a designer is a great way to be part of a broad design community, to see other talented designers’ work, to relate to the public, and have more exposure for my business. I am very impressed with the ease and speed of which I could upload and develop my profile, it is definitely the fastest and most efficient site I have used so far. As software grows and changes it is exciting to see the many ways in which these sites take shape. I think iHomeRegistry is the most ‘proactive’ for the homeowner, giving them the ability to visualize changes, and work towards their dream home or renovation. I appreciate the exposure that iHomeRegistry has given me as a Designer and look forward to a continued relationship with them. Plus they are truly nice people to communicate and work with! I am so very pleased on all fronts when using and working with the friendly people of iHomeRegistry!

Circa Studio 8 Interiors
Circa Studio 8 Interiors

Decor Gold Designs:

Today, I spent most of my day lost in this fabulous new site creating 3-D room plans for myself and a few friends. So fun and easy to use!!!

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Interior Designer – Justin Andrews Interiors:

I love everything about your site and the tools to design one of a kind spaces. I have recently started to really push myself to finally pursue my passion for design and your website has helped me out tremendously!

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 1.15.12 PM


“As an Interior Stylist, I am extremely thankful for you guys!! It was exactly what I needed!!

Diana White, Interior Designer

I am an interior designer based in the UK and use a lot 3D modeling programs.  This is the first time using iHomeregistry and I think it is an excellent tool; useful, precise and you get good results too.





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