Moving? We’ve Got You Covered With These Amazing Tips!

Everyone knows moving is one of the most stressful experiences you will encounter.  You have to pack, organize, downsize, and then transport all of your stuff without damaging anything.

Well, fret not. We’ve pulled together our favorite moving tips to help make this process easier for you!

Keep the items you will need first in a clear bin so you can easily access them. Check out this one with wheels.

103 qt. Weathertight tote with wheels, The Container Store.
103 qt. Weathertight tote with wheels, The Container Store

If you want to save money on cardboard boxes, you can use this California-based company! They deliver stackable, reusable bins for your move and they return to pick them up. Talk about hassle-free!

Keep the easily breakable items wrapped in clothing and blankets to save money on bubble wrap.

Label all your boxes so when you are unpacking, you can place those boxes in their appropriate rooms and prevent from getting too overwhelmed. For any of you OCD’ers out there, you can also number them according to priority to be opening.

By packing plates vertically, you will lessen the chances of them breaking!

If you’re renting and have a zillion nail holes, fill them with a bar of soap!

Magic Erasers are really your best friends. If you’re renting, you want to be sure you’re leaving your place spotless to get your security deposit back. Get rid of the smudges and tough-to-remove stains. Be sure to take photos of your space once you’ve moved out, and take photos of your new space for future reference!


If you are using a professional moving service, ask for Wardrobe Boxes on the day of your move. This way, you don’t have to unpack your closet!

Getty images
Getty images

Request for a utility service change at least two weeks beforehand. Also make sure you update your banking information, subscriptions and notify your family and friends!

Get to know your new neighbors by having a “Pizza and Paint” party. Introduce yourself and invite your neighbors over for Pizza (and probably beer too, let’s be real) and have everyone pick up a paint brush and help out. Invite your family and friends too! Don’t worry about not having furniture…this is a fun and casual thing!


What is your favorite moving tip? We wanna know!


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