Designer Spotlight Series: Traci Brann of Traci B Design

Traci Brann
Traci Brann

Our Designer Spotlight Series continues this week with the fabulous Traci Brann of Traci B Design. Based out of St. George, UT, Traci provides exceptional interior design services to her surrounding areas.

Find out how she got started in the industry, who her design role model is and more in our Q&A below!

1. How did you get started in the interior design/decorative arts business?

Ready for the magic formula? Growing up with limited funds, a need to create and the desire to make my surroundings represent ME. This may not be the “how” but it really is the “why” to me stumbling into the world of design.

As my boys were getting a little older and me and my husband  needed a second income I remember my husband telling me I should go work at a furniture store since I was good at putting rooms together. I remember thinking “Furniture? Ewww! I am not going to be a furniture sales person! What does that have to do with design? This dude has no idea what he is talking about.”

Years passed with me helping family and friends with their homes, waiting tables at night, schooling in advertising and communication, and watching a lot of the Christopher Lowe show (please tell me someone remembers that show). Then one day out of necessity I begrudgingly did it. I applied to work at a high-end corporate furniture store.  While working for this business I took classes and got certified to be a designer.

Guess what?! The hubby was on to something.

It immersed me in the lingo and product knowledge that pushed me to constantly seek out new and applicable information in regards to design. I am grateful that furniture is where I started for so many reasons.

  1. Tell us about your first Interior Design job.

My college dorm room. I made it my goal to disguise and change the look of the room to the point it wouldn’t look anything like a dorm room. This may or may not have involved standing the bunkbed up on its end and my mattress being on top of the clothing wardrobe. The reaction of new visitors was always entertaining.

Credit: Traci Brann
Credit: Traci Brann
  1. Where do you find your inspiration?

Everywhere! It can be driving down the road and seeing a color combination made by mother nature or watching a movie with the family. I frequently find myself no longer following the story line but blurting out “Oh my gosh! Look at that light fixture! Look at that wall! Did you see that chair?!”  Let me tell you how much my house full of manly dudes loves when I do that.

  1. If you could design a home for anyone in the world, who would it be? 

My parents. My mom is a talented artist and has a wonderful eye for design and composition. She and my space planning dad may not need a lot of help as far as design but because I’m immersed in the up and coming products and trends it would be a blast. We could collaborate each of our strengths to give them the dream home they deserve.

  1. How have YOU distinguished yourself in such a rapidly growing industry?

I am not sure how others might distinguish me. I do, however, feel like there are certain aspects of how I work that I personally pride myself on as a designer.

My client relationships come first.  Aside from just genuinely loving people I feel that connecting on a personal level to my clients helps me gain insight into what speaks to them. It helps me gain a sense of who they are, what is important to them and how the space can be designed to fit its intended use.

A decorated room is just a room of stuff if it wasn’t designed for a person and purpose in mind.

I’m terrified of being put in a box titled “design style”. I may have somewhat of a consistent “look”, but that would be because the client who wants the crazy, eccentric, over-the- top New York loft hasn’t found me yet. Ha!! I look forward to being challenged by every style possibility.  This girl is bored at the idea of redesigning essentially the same room again and again. I have had to remind myself to stay true to posting my variety of projects in a beautiful sea of Instagram feeds that keep their consistency and draw you in with a specific “look.”

Credit: Traci Brann
Credit: Traci Brann

What are the top keys to designing a foyer?

Functionality and impact.

What is the most important room when it comes to home staging? 

The great room. Or in staging I call it the “bait room”.

This will set the tone for the whole home.  This is where people decid if they can visualize themselves living there and spending time with loved ones.

Who is your design “role model”? 

If we are talking about well known designers that I have found inspiring and have been influenced by I’d have to say Candice Olsen and David Bromstad.

That might be mainstream and lame but they are some of the OG HGTV designers that possess legit talent.

Candice Olsen- Can we seriously have a moment of silence for the lighting genius this woman is? She uses beautiful furnishings and textiles but what I don’t know if others watching even realized but her attention to the lighting details really made each room extra stunning.

David Bromstad- How do you NOT love that guy? Even my husband is a big David fan.. He made bold and fun cool again.  I mean, giant red lips? Totally something I’d do – and I DID in a radio station. Ha ha!

What does the future hold for the design/decorative arts business?

Amazing things! I am excited to watch iHomeRegistry continue to evolve. Having user-friendly resources to create a virtual space opens up the design world to more daring , inventive and functional possibilities.

Check out Traci’s profile on iHomeRegistry here.

Credit: Traci Brann
Credit: Traci Brann

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  1. HelloTraci!! My name is Jessica. I’m enrolled in Interior Design Institute , and Im also a licensed florist. I always had an interest and eye for design. I just read your bold just wanted to say I enjoyed reading it. I’m looking to follow someone that gives great energy and encouragement, of a world I’m not sure how to get started and make a leaving. The eye you have for seeing unique items, reminds me of myself. I’m drawn to unique and beautiful things.
    Sincerely, Jessica

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