Designer Spotlight Series: Kelley Lopez with KML Design Solutions

This week, we have the lovely Southern California native Kelley Lopez of KML Design Solutions, on our Designer Spotlight Series.  Kelley specializes in residential Interior Design, and is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers as well as a National Kitchen and Bath Member.

We sat down with Kelley to pick her brain on design – what makes a space timeless, best paint color, and so much more!

Kelley Lopez

1. What makes a space timeless? How can you replicate this in your own home?
A timeless home is one that uses classic design elements within the decided design style. It’s relevant now, and in the future. It’s not trendy, but the design choices are thoughtful and speak to the overall style of the home.
KML Design Solutions
KML Design Solutions
2. Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in the way people live. I love fashion and music and these are largely inspiring to me. I love to design a home that reflect the personal style of the person occupying it…that inspires me.

KML Design Solutions
KML Design Solutions
3. When designing a cost-effective space, what are some key things to keep in mind?
Looking at what can stay is key. Sometimes transforming an existing piece of furniture or re-purposing an existing piece can save big design dollars. You can also get huge design impact using paint. A creative paint application can be a great way to add style at little cost.
KML Design Solutions
KML Design Solutions
4. Describe a tough moment during an “install”…how did you resolve?
I ordered a small coffee table that was for a video game room. The wood tone was really orange, not at all what was pictured in the catalog. So I quickly had it painted white to tie in with the art work and trim moldings in the room and it looked perfect!
KML Design Solutions
KML Design Solutions
5. You have last minute guests coming over for dinner – how would you decorate for them?
It depends on who’s coming. Let’s say I’m expecting family. I decorate my table with a bouquet of red roses, I add cocktail napkins with a fun graphic, I put out a display of serving trays with cheese & crackers and put on mood lighting and music.
KML Design Solutions
6. If you weren’t doing Interior Design, what would you be doing?
7. What is the most rewarding part of your job?
I love improving the lives of the people who hire me to design their dream home.
KML Design Solutions
KML Design Solutions
8. Being a residential designer, how do you balance all of the personalities in a home? (i.e. husband, wife, kids).
I have a customer service/sales background and this skill set comes in VERY handy. I listen to both sides and explain the result of each while pointing out which design decision is more appropriate for the overall design and function. Usually one person will acquiesce.
9. “No fail” (best)  paint color?
Natural Choice – Sherwin Williams
Sherwin Williams
Check out Kelley’s profile on iHomeRegistry HERE!
Kelley is also hosting our Designer Fridays series on our Instagram, so be sure to check in Friday starting at 10AM EST!

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