Architecture News: Apple’s new London Headquarters in a Historic Building!

Just in – Industry News: Apple’s new London headquarters in a historic building!

New Apple London Headquarters in 1930s Power Station

Molly Thompson By Molly Thompson 

Apple has announced the location for their first centralized headquarters based in London. Apple will be the largest corporate resident of the Battersea Power Station, a former industrial building built alongside the Thames. The new office, spanning six floors and 46,000 square meters, will have room for 1,400 staff.


Apple will have plenty of room for growth, but also plenty of neighbors. The former power station, built in the 1930’s, is undergoing redevelopment that includes a shopping center, art spaces, hotels, and space for 3,400 new homes. Apple’s Headquarters will be located in the former boiler house of the power station.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan was excited about the new project. “I am delighted that Apple is moving into Battersea Power Station‎, helping to generate new jobs and economic prosperity for Londoners. It is a further sign that London is open to the biggest brands in the world and the leading city for trade and investment.”



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