iHomeRegistry + Donald A. Gardner

Hi Everyone!

We are SO excited to announce our soft launch with Donald A. Gardner Architects, one of the biggest home plan distributors in the U.S.!

Donald A. Gardner


iHomeRegistry will be rendering 20 floor plans into 3D for Donald A. Gardner.  These renderings will help them sell homes faster and easier, while providing their clients with realistic 3D model of their future home.

We have buttons at the upper right hand corner that allow you to toggle between 2D, 3D Walk Through and 3D Global views.

3D Walk Through
3D Walk Through
2D View
2D View
3D Global View
3D Global View

Once a client purchases the home, they will be able to save the 3D model to a complimentary iHomeRegistry profile and begin decorating with our iHomeRegistry furniture catalog.  They may also find a designer they like from our Inspiration Board!



Stay tuned for more exciting updates from iHomeRegistry!


Startup Digest interviews iHomeRegistry!


Patrick, our CEO, was interviewed by Startup Digest Charleston! Check out the interview below!

One sentence explanation of iHomeRegistry?

One stop shop for homeowners to create a registry of desired home goods, connect with Interior Designers and Builders, design a floor plan, & create a 3D rendering of the home!

Problem it addresses?

Buying a new home is complex and time consuming. Home owners, builders, designers, etc. struggle to manage the designing, building, and furnishing newly built/renovated homes. Current project collaboration tools are not effective at managing cost and performance on these jobs.

Solution to problem?

– Connects all involved to manage the home building process via concierge service (designers, home buyers, builders and retailers)
– Homebuyers can view latest design trends, connect with a designer, visualize their fully furnished new home, and buy furniture online.
– 3D viewing option to provide a better buying/selling experience to new home buyers, sellers, and e-retailers

Biggest advantage over your competitors?

-The well rounded functionality of the site covers more aspects than any other competitor
-State of the Art 3D Home Designer tool
– store/organize furniture
– connect with Interior Designers
– design your home

6 month goal?

-To be ahead of the digital design world as it grows.
-Already working on several different projects to that goal- super excited!

Most fun thing about this journey?

-Being able to create a culture within my company! (Which is so important in any business, but especially a startup.)
      -I created a positive/ free thinking culture. It creates a trust between all of us. Our offices are modeled after Google/Facebook offices, just on a much smaller scale (haha) but the same fun creative environment. Keeping the energy going/developers happy is all that matters, I’m sure any tech start up would agree with that! 

Ways Charleston’s community can help?

– Connections in the area- bigger market then Hilton Head Island (where we are currently based).   

Team members?

– Patrick Daniels – CEO and Founder
– Charlie Daniels – CFO
– Ariana Lovato – Director of Design
– Thad Cox – Creative Director
– Chad Rose- data & web designer- Treehouse Technology Group

Final thoughts?

 Looking forward to becoming a Household name! 😉

website? e-mail? FB page?

[email protected]

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