Startup Digest interviews iHomeRegistry!


Patrick, our CEO, was interviewed by Startup Digest Charleston! Check out the interview below!

One sentence explanation of iHomeRegistry?

One stop shop for homeowners to create a registry of desired home goods, connect with Interior Designers and Builders, design a floor plan, & create a 3D rendering of the home!

Problem it addresses?

Buying a new home is complex and time consuming. Home owners, builders, designers, etc. struggle to manage the designing, building, and furnishing newly built/renovated homes. Current project collaboration tools are not effective at managing cost and performance on these jobs.

Solution to problem?

– Connects all involved to manage the home building process via concierge service (designers, home buyers, builders and retailers)
– Homebuyers can view latest design trends, connect with a designer, visualize their fully furnished new home, and buy furniture online.
– 3D viewing option to provide a better buying/selling experience to new home buyers, sellers, and e-retailers

Biggest advantage over your competitors?

-The well rounded functionality of the site covers more aspects than any other competitor
-State of the Art 3D Home Designer tool
– store/organize furniture
– connect with Interior Designers
– design your home

6 month goal?

-To be ahead of the digital design world as it grows.
-Already working on several different projects to that goal- super excited!

Most fun thing about this journey?

-Being able to create a culture within my company! (Which is so important in any business, but especially a startup.)
      -I created a positive/ free thinking culture. It creates a trust between all of us. Our offices are modeled after Google/Facebook offices, just on a much smaller scale (haha) but the same fun creative environment. Keeping the energy going/developers happy is all that matters, I’m sure any tech start up would agree with that! 

Ways Charleston’s community can help?

– Connections in the area- bigger market then Hilton Head Island (where we are currently based).   

Team members?

– Patrick Daniels – CEO and Founder
– Charlie Daniels – CFO
– Ariana Lovato – Director of Design
– Thad Cox – Creative Director
– Chad Rose- data & web designer- Treehouse Technology Group

Final thoughts?

 Looking forward to becoming a Household name! 😉

website? e-mail? FB page?
[email protected]