Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Space

Listen up, homeowners, interior designers and builders! It’s time to get excited. Why? Because if you’re a homeowner trying to design, build or furnish your home; an interior designer looking to reach more clients; or a builder trying to grow your business, iHomeRegistry can help you do just that…and more.

How? See the section below that best fits you.

iHomeRegistry for Homeowners

interior design websitesWhether you’re looking to design a floor plan, furnish your home, or enlist the expertise of talented interior designers, iHomeRegistry is your “one stop shop” to do it all.

Not only can you create a registry to organize all your desired home goods and bookmark your favorite interior design photos, you can also peruse our Inspiration Board to view the work of professional designers, learn about their design philosophy, and contact them directly for a consultation.

Maybe you just want someone to turn your floor plan into a 3D rendering. We’re on it! See our three different rendering options and prices here.

Or maybe you want it all: 3D renderings, furnishings, mood boards and the finishing touches of an interior designer. We’ve got you covered! Our “Interior Finishes” and “Design for You” packages have it all. See here for details and pricing.

Lastly, we’re also offering a design pairing service that connects you with a certified designer to complete the home of your dreams. See here for more information.

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iHomeRegistry for Interior Designers

As the “social network” for interior designers, iHomeRegistry is committed to helping you gain exposure, attract more clients and engage with other industry professionals.

Creating a profile on iHomeRegistry enables you to upload your portfolio of work, explain your design philosophy, link to your social media accounts and interact directly with potential clients (and other designers!). Your work is automatically uploaded onto our Inspiration Board, a collection of signature design styles and trends from all iHome designers for homeowners to peruse.

By joining the iHomeRegistry design community, you’re also putting yourself in the running to be featured in our “Designer Spotlight” series once a month, which we broadcast across all social media channels.

3D interior design platformsYou’ll also have access to our 3D home design program, which is fun and easy to use, saving you time and keeping your clients happy with the ability to walk them through their home in a virtual 3D experience.

As for finding the “right” type of clients, let us do the work for you! Our “Design for You” service pairs you with a client based on your preferences and styles, eliminating the possibility of failed collaboration. Learn more here.

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iHomeRegistry for Builders

home builder concierge servicesIf you’re a homebuilder, then you know the frustration that comes from having to deal with change orders – and the time and money that goes to waste.

iHomeRegistry’s state of the art 3D floor plan tool helps eliminate the need for design change orders by allowing homeowners to see their home in 3D before any work gets done. A virtual tour of their home helps homeowners understand their floor plan, keeping both them and you happy.

See our three different rendering options and prices here.

Oh, and if your client is looking for an interior designer…we’ve got a whole network! Let us help you and your clients create the perfect space by bringing your vision to life.

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