Startup Digest interviews iHomeRegistry!


Patrick, our CEO, was interviewed by Startup Digest Charleston! Check out the interview below!

One sentence explanation of iHomeRegistry?

One stop shop for homeowners to create a registry of desired home goods, connect with Interior Designers and Builders, design a floor plan, & create a 3D rendering of the home!

Problem it addresses?

Buying a new home is complex and time consuming. Home owners, builders, designers, etc. struggle to manage the designing, building, and furnishing newly built/renovated homes. Current project collaboration tools are not effective at managing cost and performance on these jobs.

Solution to problem?

– Connects all involved to manage the home building process via concierge service (designers, home buyers, builders and retailers)
– Homebuyers can view latest design trends, connect with a designer, visualize their fully furnished new home, and buy furniture online.
– 3D viewing option to provide a better buying/selling experience to new home buyers, sellers, and e-retailers

Biggest advantage over your competitors?

-The well rounded functionality of the site covers more aspects than any other competitor
-State of the Art 3D Home Designer tool
– store/organize furniture
– connect with Interior Designers
– design your home

6 month goal?

-To be ahead of the digital design world as it grows.
-Already working on several different projects to that goal- super excited!

Most fun thing about this journey?

-Being able to create a culture within my company! (Which is so important in any business, but especially a startup.)
      -I created a positive/ free thinking culture. It creates a trust between all of us. Our offices are modeled after Google/Facebook offices, just on a much smaller scale (haha) but the same fun creative environment. Keeping the energy going/developers happy is all that matters, I’m sure any tech start up would agree with that! 

Ways Charleston’s community can help?

– Connections in the area- bigger market then Hilton Head Island (where we are currently based).   

Team members?

– Patrick Daniels – CEO and Founder
– Charlie Daniels – CFO
– Ariana Lovato – Director of Design
– Thad Cox – Creative Director
– Chad Rose- data & web designer- Treehouse Technology Group

Final thoughts?

 Looking forward to becoming a Household name! 😉

website? e-mail? FB page?
[email protected]

The First 5 Designers of iHomeRegistry

Our designers mean the world to us…every one of them! However, we have to take a moment and give the first 5 designers of our site a little praise! They were the first to sign up, create a profile and really understand what we are all about! Check out their bios below and if you like what you see, visit their portfolio on!

Construction 2 Style:

Jamie and Morgan Molitor of Minneapolis, MN, really know the concept of a “tag-team”. They are a husband and wife duo with a penchant for DIY and construction! Morgan comes from a background of marketing and fashion merchandising and Jamie has always had his hands full with sawdust and a drill. They knew once they met that they had to put their heads together and create something beautiful.  Together they make some pretty stylin’ interiors…but don’t let us persuade you, see for yourself!

Check out their iHomeRegistry Profile here >>

Check out their website here >>


Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 3.46.32 PM

BMAC Interiors:

Based out of Louisiana, BMAC Interiors serves clients all over the U.S. Celebrating 17 years of business, BMAC Interiors can accommodate any style, anywhere! They offer design services, staging services, and architectural design services.

Check out their iHomeRegistry Profile here >>

Check out their website here >>

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 3.52.07 PM
BMAC Interiors

Honeycomb Home Design

Our resident Director of Design, Ariana Lovato, also runs an Interior Design studio called Honeycomb Home Design. Based out of San Luis Obispo, CA, Honeycomb Home Design provides local Interior Design services as well as E-Design Packages, making design possible anywhere!

Check out their iHomeRegistry Profile here >>

Check out their website here >>

Honeycomb Home Design

Studio 7 Interior Design

Kristen Rockwood started Studio 7 Interior Design because she is truly passionate about Interior Design and helping others create their perfect space! She loves transforming a space while working within your budget.  She offers design services to her local Salt Lake City, UT clients along with E-Design options!

Check out their iHomeRegistry Profile here >>

Check out their website here >>

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 4.17.58 PM
Studio 7 Interiors

Tracy Lynn Studio

Tracy Lynn Studio is a residential and commercial design firm based out of San Diego, CA and has some amazing style to boot! With an insane attention to detail, Tracy Lynn Studio creates beautiful spaces for new builds and remodels. They focus on the quality of their design as much as their quality of service. If you are a local, check them out!

Check out their iHomeRegistry Profile here >>

Check out their website here >>

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 4.38.12 PM
Tracy Lynn Studio

Designer Spotlight Series – Cynthia Ryan with Circa Studio 8 Interiors

Hi iHomeRegistry Users! We are SO excited to announce our new Designer Spotlight series! Every week, we will feature an amazingly talented Interior Designer that is part of our iHomeRegistry Community! After all, we are the #socialnetworkforinteriordesigners, right?!

This week we are happy to announce Cynthia Ryan, of Circa Studio 8 Interiors! Cynthia shares her tips on which pieces of furniture to splurge on, last minute dinner party decor, and who her Designer crushes are!

Circa Studio 8 Interiors
Circa Studio 8 Interiors

1.      How did you get started in Interior Design?

I think I flirted with Interior Design for most of my life. When I was very young, my mechanical engineer father gave me a big red brick building set, which I absolutely loved.  After University of Maryland and Maryland Drafting Institute, I began working in a small lead Architectural section where we would draw all the tracking stations in the world for the Space Shuttle missions. I then transitioned into a Graphic Design position and then onto Kitchen and Bath, which I excelled at and loved! When I relocated to San Diego I started attending The Design Institute of San Diego where I earned my BFA in Interior Design. I felt like it was fate!

2.      Where do you find your inspiration?

Everywhere! Nature, art, museums, travel, antiquities/old cultures and Architecture for sure, as that was where I originally wanted to direct my education. There are also certain museum exhibitions that I just cannot miss!

Circa Studio 8 Interiors
Circa Studio 8 Interiors


3.      What are your favorite design publications?

My favorites are Elle Décor, Veranda, San Diego Home and Garden, Luxe, and I recently started subscribing to Milieu… beautiful photography!

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 5.11.27 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 5.12.18 PM

4.       When designing a cost-effective space, what are some key things to keep in mind?

I really think the big key is to decide where to invest your money and how to divide the budget up. For example: One can find a sofa at any price range, but how is it built? Will it last? Is it comfortable? I try to figure out how many quality pieces that can be afforded and what we must compromise on. Accessories for example, they are very plentiful and easily obtained at affordable prices, and you don’t have to sit on them!

5.     What pieces of furniture should you splurge and where should you save?

I think sofas and a few good chairs, I think you can sneak in some occasional pieces that are of lesser quality. I say buy a great mattress and bedding, and case goods that last. I have a very high quality sofa in my living room and a 800 lb. walnut armoire in my bedroom that I bought when first married, and I still love them both!

6.       You have last minute guests coming over for dinner – how would you decorate for them?

Fresh Flowers, fresh linens, candles, beautiful ice bucket and glasses. I like a mix of place settings. I am not much for matchy-matchy, Oh and lots of wine! I like these days for it to be somewhat casual and comfortable.

Circa Studio 8 Interiors
Circa Studio 8 Interiors

7.      Who is your favorite Celebrity Interior Designer?

I have a few, but Jean Louis Deniot, would probably be my international favorite and top pick! Domestically; Kelly Wearstler, Thomas Pheasant, Barbara Barry, and Jan Showers.


Jean-Louis Deniot
Jean-Louis Deniot

8.      If you weren’t an Interior Designer, what would you be doing?

Maybe Architecture, City Planning, or possibly a Historian or Docent at a historic place!

Circa Studio 8 Interiors
Circa Studio 8 Interiors


Like what you see? You can check out Cynthia Ryan’s portfolio on HERE!

Check back next week for our next Designer Spotlight!