Travel and Design and Bringing it All Home in Your Residential Décor

When it comes to home design, including interior design, in the grand scheme of things, often times it is the small, authentic elements that matter the most. A recurring trend in the area of home interior design is creating spaces that have the feel and flair of a certain country, region, or city. In the United States, for example, a homeowner may want to draw upon Paris or Rome or some other truly iconic city as the underlying inspiration for the design and decoration of a room.


More often than not, these design concepts are developed for a space in a residence relying on less than perfect online searches, magazine spreads, and word of mouth. Only occasionally does a homeowner actually take the step to visit the geographic point of inspiration to do some actual reconnaissance for an interior design and decorating project. The reality is that heading out to visit the locale that has inspired a design concept, at least in spirit, is a wise venture, indeed adventure, for several key reasons.


Hands-on Self Education in Advance of Undertaking a Design and Decorating Project


It’s all well and good to be inspired by something you see on the internet, or read about in a book or magazine. As mentioned previously, this holds true when you initially have been inspired by some sort of cultural element associated with a geographic location for the design or redesign of space in your residence. However, you can only truly understand the unique nuances of a city, region, or even nation by actually visiting and spending at least some time in the locale.


You learn a language better through the emersion process, which can include spending at least some time in an area where the language is commonly spoken. You can best understand certain cultural and design concepts through the emersion process as well. You don’t have to dedicate a great deal of time, let alone money, to travel to the locale that provides you inspiration. By spending some time exploring the city or region, you can glean a tremendous amount of information about the area, its culture, and other elements.


Armed not just with actual knowledge, but living experiences, you can head home with insights that will enhance your design and decorating endeavors. You will be able to craft not only a more authentic space based on design concept and inspiration from another locale, but you will be more connected to the project in manner you never before imagined.


Procuring Authentic Items for the Space


At the start of this article, reference was made to the fact that authentic touches make all the difference in a decorating scheme. You certainly enhance the authenticity of a space based on cultural and design concepts of some locale away from where you reside by visiting that destination. In addition, you significantly enhance your design and decorating efforts by incorporating items you procure in person while visiting your inspirational locale.


Keep in mind that you do not need to invest in major, costly items. If you have the budget to make a few larger purchases, like furniture pieces, that can be used in your residential decorating efforts, that’s certainly wonderful, but not mandatory.


Whether you purchase items away from home, including while abroad, you can readily arrange for those items to be safely shipped to your residence. Many of the types of shops at which you are likely to procure items for your home will be used to shipping merchandise for their patrons. This oftentimes specifically includes a long history of shipping to patrons from the United States.


As noted, you need not make large, costly purchases to collect items that will lend true authenticity to your home design and decorating efforts. You can procure small items that can add authentic and meaningful touches to a space in your home that you strive to design and decorate.


Make It a Family Effort


On additional step you can take when you desire to base your home décor on another culture or customs and design associated with another locale, you will also want to get the entire family involved. For example, in your travels as a family, get everyone involved in scoping for items that might be wonderful additions to your home.


By involving everyone in your household in the process, they will be far more inclined to buy in to what you are doing. The sense of family-wide ownership of a home design and decorating effort will make the entire process far more gratifying.



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