Pinball Machines and Other Unique Design Concepts in a Family Home

One of the most challenging of situations for a person intent on an ideal home design scheme is one in which a residence houses both adults and children of different ages. In the final analysis, a person interested in embarking on a do-it-yourself home design or redesign project will want the character of the residence to reflect the fact that people of different ages reside in the premises.


The reality is that formulating home design concepts that will satisfy the needs, goals, and desires of people of different ages can be highly challenging. Leaning too far in the direction of the tastes of the adults can leave the children feeling left out. On the other hand, leaning too far in the direction of the tastes of the children can leave a home feeling like a child’s playroom.


There are decorating strategies that you can employ that will honor the tastes of the parents and the children that call a particular residence home. By following these strategies, the end result will be a decorating scheme in a residence that leaves all members of a family feeling comfortable and at home.


Select Unique Furnishings and Other Items with Cross Appeal


If children were left to their own devices in decorating a residence, the home very well may end up filled with a vast array of games of different types. The reality is that children of all ages tend to have an attraction to different types of games.


Understanding this point should not cause a parent intent on embarking upon a do-it-yourself decoration project to shake his or her head. Rather, the idea that a child might fill a residence with games can serve as a point of inspiration.


When pulling together a design scheme for a residence that includes adults and children, consider for a moment how appealing adding some vintage games into the décor scheme might be the perfect touch. Take for example the still-popular pinball machine.


There exist an array of different types of pinball machine options that could prove to be idyllic additions to a residence. For example, an antique derivation could add a game that naturally might appeal to the sensibilities of a child. On the other hand, an antique pinball machine truly can add a touch of originality, style, and class to a room in a residence.


As noted, the options are broad when it comes to pinball machines that might be incorporated into a residence. A person might select an option from other time periods. Pinball machines in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s all come with their own look and style. Depending on the other elements of a room’s décor, a pinball machine from one or another of these decades could prove to be a compelling, even powerful, addition to a room.


Establish Decorating Zones


Attempting to harmonize the tastes and ideas of people of different ages that reside in a home in the décor of each room can prove impossible. Rather than have all residents in a home trying to play a role in decorating all rooms in a residence, what can best be called a decorating zone approach may prove to be the best strategy.


By breaking down a residence into different zones, an effort can be made to emphasize the thoughts and concepts of select family members in particular zones. A natural zone delineation would permit a child of a particular level of maturity the ability to make primary decisions for decorating his or her room.


Depending on the age and maturity level of a child, the young one need not necessarily be constrained to only making decorating decisions in his or her own room. Rather, there can be other spaces or zones in which a child’s input can weigh more heavily. Similarly, there can be areas in the residence in which a parent’s concept are supreme.


Family Meetings


Part of the do-it-yourself decorating process in a residence that includes people of different ages should be family meetings, or house meetings. Through these sessions, candid conversations can be had through which thoughts, suggestions, and ideas can be elicited from residents of the home.


There may be children too young to play a role in family meetings. However, only very young children should be excluded from these sessions. There is a reason why the phrase “from the mouth of babes” is widely utilized. What many adults find is that even relatively young children can come up with interesting, compelling decorating ideas that work well in a home improvement or design project.



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