Decorating a Warm & Homely Living Room Space

A living room space should be a special and warm room that allows every member of the family a cosy space to share hearty laughter, and all their secrets.

Here are some inspirations for your living room décor:

Rustic Décor

If you want to give your living room space a warm, homely and rustic farmhouse-style décor, shabby looking wooden racks, and antique wooden tables will be a definite must-have. You can achieve the cosy homeliness of a farmhouse living room by playing soft colours, strategically placed bamboo baskets, indoor plants, and rustic wooden furniture.

Give the room an antique-inspired polish with beautiful decoration pieces, well-placed rarities, and black and white pictures peeping out of exquisite wooden photo frames. Keep the sofas and settees relaxed and inviting with extravagantly cushiony and comfy seating.

Modern & Sleek

For a sleek, contemporary and well-polished living room space, embrace the cardinal rules of modern minimalism. You need to create a minimalist and sparsely furnished place, with a few strategically placed furniture and décor, and enough space to let natural light flood the entire room.

Naturally, the curtains need to be light-colored and the overall color tone of the room needs to be cool, energetic and muted. Think about colors like grey, ice blue, grey blue, turquoise, jade and nudes. Pick out a sleek glass center table, polished steel décor, white planters with delicate shrubs, and geometric prints.

Wall of Memorabilia

Dedicate an entire wall to beautiful and breath-taking pictures of your lovely family. If you’re a young couple with the just-married bliss around you, fill up your living room wall with romantic pictures of your journey so far. And if you have a house full of kids, you must also possess a ton of photos that bring to life precious memories. The idea is to give the living room a personal touch that really connects every member of the family to the happy place of their cherished memories.

Words of Wisdom

Give your living room a strong, motivating and inspiring personality with energetic and passion-driven quotes. You can pick out amazing quotes from the Bible, or impressionable sayings by great poets, writers and philosophers, whatever drives you and your family’s beliefs.

These quotes can be engraved on wooden wall-hangings, or you can even paint them onto rustic wooden planks for a rustic chicness. You can even hang a beautifully framed blackboard so you can change the quote from time to time, based on the challenges you and your loved ones are faced with. Now that’s a terrific trick to create a constructive personal space for your family!

Inviting Window Seat

Every living room should have an inviting and warm little corner near the window that lets in plenty of sunlight to create a lovely space for curling up and reading a good book. You can place a wooden bench with a comfy cushion, or even an antique chair and a rustic wooden side table. Throw a cosy sheepskin or bohemian throw on the sofa to make it even more inviting.

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