Tech Tuesdays: Learn how to market your brand and much more from our Creative Director, Thad Cox!

At iHomeRegistry, we are continually learning and growing every day. Whatever we learn, we want to pass onto our followers. We’ve built an incredible team and we are here to share our advice on building your business and brand, through our new Instagram series –  Tech Tuesdays!

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Every Tuesday, we’ll have a member of our Development and Branding team answering all of your brand development, business development & web development questions!

But first – We need you to meet our Creative Director, Thad Cox.

Thad came onto iHomeRegistry this year and shared a vision that coincided with Patrick’s, our CEO and Founder, and the rest was history…

Thad Cox

Thad has his own creative agency, Thad Cox Design, that specializes in helping businesses grow through the use of dynamic branding and engaging content. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Kingston University and worked at numerous high profile agencies in London such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Karmarama and Leo Burnett.  He’s also worked for some pretty amazing clients – Vh1, IKEA, McDonalds, and created a variety of award winning work across all medias including film, television, radio, online and social.

interior design websites
iHomeRegistry Marketing

We want to look like how we feel – energetic, innovative, inspired, committed and strong. Thad created the image of iHomeRegistry that stands today –  our new logo, our website, and our press kits.

interior design websites
Clip from iHomeRegistry website
3D interior design platforms
Press Kits

If you are needing expertise for building your own empire, we are here for you! Check into our Instagram every Tuesday for Tech Tuesdays!

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